Published by Terra Media Burst Online {Author note: no longer publishing, site is offline}

He approaches me on the school’s main stage. At first I don’t want to talk to him, don’t want to see him. I remember the last time we were together. It wasn’t pretty. There was a lot of yelling. I can’t leave so I wait for him to speak.

“Hi,” he says.

“Hey,” I say back. How could I have forgotten he’s the technical director here?

“I never imagined I’d see you again.”

“Me neither.” I switch the show’s paperwork from one hand to the other.

“How you been?” he asks. He looks me in the eye.

“Okay. You?”

“Really good. Married now.”

“I heard. Congratulations. How long?”

“Four years now. Susan just had our first baby.”

“That’s awesome. Boy or girl?”

“Boy. He’s three months now.” He rummages in his pocket and pulls out a picture.

“Aw. He’s adorable. What’s his name?”

“Darren.” He puts the picture away. “You still living in New York?”

“Uh huh. You know that love hate thing. Part of me wants to live in a smaller town, the other part wants the culture and constant hustle and bustle.”

He laughs. “That’s you. You look content though.” He was always a keen observer.

“For the most part I am.” I never wanted kids. I’m glad he’s happy; settled. “It’s hard to have it all.”

“I understand that. Now I don’t sleep, and I still have to get to the theater and school, and function like I’ve had a full night’s sleep.”

“I see it in your eyes. You are tired.”

“Yeah, but he’s great.” He shuffles his feet. “You staying for the dress rehearsal tonight?”

“Oh yeah. And every performance too.” I’m wondering why he’s asking. I remember how he always liked to give me half the information. I figure this time he should finish.

“Great! I’ll come by later tonight with him. Okay?”

“Sure. I’d really like that.” I smile.

The lighting designer taps me on the shoulder. He gestures for me to follow him.

“Gotta go,” I say with a shrug.

“Okay. I’ll be by before eight tonight.”

“Great,” I say while walking away. I wonder if and when he’ll actually arrive. Then I realize it doesn’t matter.